Overwhelming project

Spring is here – hooray! That is, until I think about my yard. The problem with living in the country is that your yard can keep getting extended. So while I get excited with the daffodils blooming and more flowers to come, getting everything into shape is overwhelming. So I said, “Mary, practice what you preach. Look at your yard like a room and start in the corner”. I picked one side of the front porch.  But that needed a lot of work, so I saw one small area by the lamp post where I could get a quick, easy win.

Later I moved to an area where I am trying to establish ground cover, and there was one section full of weeds. I wanted to run and hide but applied the organizing principals you have heard from me about your desk. Start in a corner and work across in a straight line. Don’t look at all you have to do, just concentrate on the area you are working in. It worked! The area is now weed free.

I felt a little like you may with tax time looming. I was especially trying to get rid of a weed I have heard called “touch me nots”. Immediately after the flowers bloom a little seed comes, and then if you touch the plant, it slings seeds everywhere. Last year I was too late and this year I am paying for it with a zillion little plants just ready to sling more seeds.

My aching muscles tell me I worked too many hours on my front yard. I stood back and went “WOW I did it!” I got the weeds out in time.

Anyone want to help me conquer the rest of my yard?

Take time to enjoy spring,


Organizing tip 1: Start any project in a corner

Organizing tip 2: Concentrate on the area you are working on and work across in a line.

Organizing tip 3: Stop and WOW! your accomplishment. This will motivate you to do the next area.


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