Welcome to Real Life Organizing!

Some people think that, as a Professional Organizer, my life just hums right along, but I have my challenges just like everyone else. In this blog I hope to share my successes, my challenges, and life in between.

My hope is that "Real Life Organizing" will give you a few laughs and also tips and ideas to help shift your thinking to be more organized so you can enjoy life more.


Snowflake Changes


A snowflake is tiny, but many of them together can have a huge impact.

If dpne regulary, little organizing projects can also have a huge impact on your life!

Each day, pick one small item to do and see the difference!

What will your snowflake change be today?

I would love to hear how you benefit from your snowflake changes.

Are You Stuck On A Project?


Clutter-Collecting Thinking Trap: "I will put this project aside - I don't have time to do it."

Organizing Success One Liner:  Ask yourself: "What is the Next Step?"

Just by asking this Next Step question, you will start yourself on the road to success - finishing big projects.

A Mini New Year


For many of us, September is a "Mini New Year".  Summer is over and now we are refocused on our business and personal To-Do Lists.

Here are ways to get a jump-start!

     1.  Clutter-free & Organized will come in and work with you to quickly cross projects off your To-Do List.

     2.  Need a plan?  Schedule a few phone coaching calls to help you plan a productive and stress-free September through January.

Get started today!  Grab a pen and write down the three things in your b

Summer Is Meant To Be Enjoyed!


Is this the right time to do organizing projects?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are my children home and I want to spend time with them?
  • Do I have company coming to stay?
  • Isn't summer my time to take a vacation, relax, and enjoy the outdoors?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, maybe it would be better to scratch organizing projects off your To-Do List and put them on your calendar for fall.

Sometimes telling yourself "I am just going to work on maintaining the house" is more realistic and takes the pressure off so you ca

Conquering Your Mail


Clutter Collecting Thinking Trap: I'll just quickly glance at my mail and deal with it later.

Organizing One-Liner:  Don't touch your mail until you can process it!

Processing your mail means making decisions:

     1.  Am I really going to order out of this catalog?

     2.  I will put this bill with the other bills to be paid.

     3.  These items are critical so they need to be filed.


My Weeds May Equal Your Clutter


Clutter and weeds have a lot in common.  Consider:

1.  Think before you pay for something - where will it go and do I have room for it?  If I am not careful, I bring home pretty plants that sometimes die because I do not know where to put them.

2.  Plants are a lot like collections - a few are nice but too many become clutter.

3.  It is a lot easier to pull small weeds, just as it is a lot easier to tackle small areas of clutter.

4.  Even when you have room for things, it may be more than you want to take care of.  I li

Reduce End of Year Stress


Feel like you are on overload? 

Give yourself permission to cross some items off your list, or at least say, "Not this year".  One of my clients used an expression that I love.  When she was working on one area and became concerned about another, she just said to that area, "It's not your turn!"

Writer and linguist Lin Yutang says, "Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the nobler art of leaving things undone."

Conquer That Overwhelmed Feeling


Does your To-Do List make you feel overwhelmed?

If so, make a list of what you need to do.  Then for each item, ask yourself: "What is the next step?"

We can usually conquer the "next step" without being overwhelmed.  It is when we think of all the steps to be done on a project that we get paralyzed and then do nothing. 

Doing the next step will get you started.  A very appropriate quote puts it nicely: "A job begun is a job half done."

It Is Closet Organizing Time


I am going to take my own advice and do one section at a time.  In fact, I recently did my shoes, and next I will be getting out my lightweight jackets.  I am also working hard to eliminate the excess.

When I am not sure whether to keep something or not, I ask myself the Golden Question: "If I saw it in a store today, would I buy it?"  When I work with clients organizing their closets, 90% of the time I get an instant "NO".

Remember to WOW yourself after you complete each section of your closet!


What is the Next Step?


Often when we think of a project, we think of all the steps, get overwhelmed and then do nothing.

When I ask my coaching clients: "What is the next step?", that frees them up to move forward.  The next step is usually do-able.  It is when we think of the next 20 steps involved that we get stuck.

That is how I am tacking my yard this spring - one step at a time.