Welcome to Real Life Organizing!

Some people think that, as a Professional Organizer, my life just hums right along, but I have my challenges just like everyone else. In this blog I hope to share my successes, my challenges, and life in between.

My hope is that "Real Life Organizing" will give you a few laughs and also tips and ideas to help shift your thinking to be more organized so you can enjoy life more.


Are You Always Running Late?


Do you often find yourself asking, “Why am I always running late, although I think I am leaving on time?” Running late creates Mind Clutter and negative mind chatter. The solution is to understand The Gap. Planning for The Gap will get you to work and to business meetings on time. Plan for The Gap any time you have a set time you need to arrive somewhere.

You are probably wondering, “What is the Gap?” The Gap is the difference between when you think you are leaving and when you actually leave.

15-Minute Organizing Blocks


Think in 15-minute organizing blocks.  People have told me that realizing they can break projects into small pieces has changed their lives. 

Don't wait until you have a whole day to work on a project - organize a desk drawer or your shoes and then move on.  Successfully completing smaller projects is the key to becoming "Clutter-free and Organized".

Clarity Through Mind Clearing


Do you feel like your plate is too full? Are the things that are important to you being kept on the back burner? Taking a few minutes to do the Mind Clearing process will help you reset your priorities so you are focusing on your important goals. Letting the mind relax by capturing on paper on a To-Do List all of the projects stressing you is the first step of developing an Organized Mind.

Reduce Mind Clutter- Feel The Freedom

Is your plate too full? Do you feel like you never have time for what is important to you? Reduce Mind Clutter- Feel The Freedom is designed to help you process your Mind Clutter, so you can focus on what is truly important to you. Freedom comes when you are in control of your time and feel more organized. The goal is not to just get more done but to improve the quality of your life. Learn simple solutions for your organizing, time management and procrastination challenges. Using these strategies will help you successfully eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed.

January is National Get Organized Month and I am excited for the release of my new E-Book. You can find it on Smashwords; search "Mary Pankiewicz" or "Reduce Mind Clutter- Feel The Freedom."




Reality Organizing


I just saw a picture of a gardening organizer in Martha Stewart’s magazine and it reminded me of a built-in closet organizer. Now don’t get me wrong – it’s great to put in systems for closets and gardening tools, but let’s get real.

The gardening tools in the magazine were brand new; mine look like they have been left out in the mud for a few weeks.  The picture showed one rake and just a couple of other tools. It looked lovely but….it showed just a fraction of the tools we gardeners own. As for the organized closet pictures, let’s get real there too.

Are You Visually Blind?


The other day I had something happen that reminded me how we can be "visually blind' to our surroundings. My daughter asked me where the mini blender was, so I looked where I thought it was and didn’t see it, and then looked in several other cabinets I don’t use a lot. When I found it, it was in a cabinet I am in all the time and it was sitting right out front.

This same situation can happen with clutter. We get so used to seeing it we don’t see it.
I remember years ago when my children were growing up, one day I looked at a flower arrangement on a table – really looked at it.

Garage Organizing Tips from Clutter-free & Organized


Before it gets too cold, tackle your garage and make it Clutter-free & Organized. If you did it a few months ago, do you need to do a touch-up so chaos doesn't return? How about your gardening items? After wasting time looking for my favorite little gardening tool, I cleaned out my potting shed today.

Three P's to Peaceful School Mornings


Lost shoes, lost reports and lost keys, the clock seems to be running on double - THE SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS. No, I am not peeking into your house, but many parents describe this kind of hectic morning to me.

As a mother of seven grown children, I know mornings can be hectic. Since I survived and also since I am a Professional Organizer, here are some tips to ease the beginning of each day by planning, purging and paper handling…

Create a Productive Workspace using Gardening Principles

Are you challenged by a cluttered, disorganized office?

If so, your love for green living things and gardening may hold the solution.

If you like to garden but are challenged by organizing drawers and work surfaces, think of your office as your garden spot. If you can weed your garden, you can de-clutter your office.

It is easy to pull a little weed from your garden, but if you leave it long enough to grow and get established, it becomes a project. The same thing happens when you put off clearing that little stack until tomorrow then tomorrow then tomorrow.

Spring Cleaning & Organizing

About 1/4 of the way down on this article I am quoted frequently. So if you want help tackling your spring projects you may want to read this. Marci Gore  wrote a really helpful article.   wttp://www.timesnews.net/article/9075731/spring-time-to-wash-off-winter.