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Exciting News!


Mary's new book, Reduce Mind Clutter - Feel the Freedom, has been released!

"Besides the noble art of getting things done,

there is the nobler art of leaving things undone."  - Lin Yutang

Feel like you are on overload?

Give yourself permission to cross some items off your list,

or at least say, "Not this year."

One of my clients used an expression I love.

When she was working on one area and become concerned about another,

she just said to that area, "It's not your turn!"


Visit the Smashwords website, search "Mary Pankiewicz" and you will

find her new ebook.  It is filled with many great strategies

    like the one above that will help you "Feel the Freedom!"     


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  • Are you losing or wasting time looking for things?
  • Are your stacks causing you stress?
  • Are you struggling to accomplish your goals?


These three do-able steps will help you to reach your organizing goals!

Step 1 - Assess Your Situation


Step 2 - Take Action and become Clutter-Free and Organized!


Step 3 - Overwhelmed? Hire a Professional Organizer!

Two ways to accomplish your goals:

  • 1. We work together at your location to accomplish your goals.
  • 2. Phone coaching for:
    • Home and Business Organizing
    • Time Management
    • Executive Life Balance



Aleex Conner, Marketing Dimensions:

"I have used Mary's services many times, both for my business and my home. She keeps me focused on the tasks at hand and the results we achieve for getting me more organized are amazing! Her professional skills at what she does are top-notch, and I strongly recommend her services."